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The Auwal Socio-Economic Research Institute (ASRI NPC) is a collective of leaders, professionals, academics and policy experts striving to build a Just and Prosperous Society for all South Africans.

We’re a pluralist domestic public policy institute that delivers Applied Training and Development Programmes; Project Prototyping and Technical Assistance to Government Departments, Agencies, and Civil Society Organisations; as well as Policy Advocacy in the Job Creation, Nation Building, Crime and Justice, Education, and Healthcare policy sectors. We advocate for laws, policies and programmes, inspired by Constitutional Values, at a National, Provincial and Local level to achieve a Just and Prosperous society. Click our website link in the menu on the left for more information about our team, programmes and activities.

Donate to our Voter Registration Campaign

Donate between R100 and R1000 (or more a month) to ASRI and help us and our civil society partners register and turnout 1 Million new voters for accountable governance in Gauteng and Kwa Zulu Natal on election day 2024. #replacethecrooks and save Gauteng and KZN from further decline. Setup a R100 or more per month recurring payment today!

18A Certificates issued on request.

Donate to the Bucket List for Change Campaign: ASRI Future Leaders Programme

This program inculcates in our fellows a strong sense of social justice and integrity while also producing the kind of effective and innovative change agents who can bring about transformative change in South African society. Underpinning the program is a strong focus on developing the leadership abilities of participants with an emphasis on values such as pluralism, justice, equality, integrity, excellence and valor.

Graduates of The ASRI Future Leaders Fellowship Program are anticipated to go on to become influential and prominent leaders in government and civil society, occupying a variety of positions in non-profit organisations; interest groups; policy institutes; media organisations; government and so forth. More explicitly, the main ambitions of the program are twofold: To develop leaders who can positively contribute and strengthen civil society and to develop effective and visionary public servants.


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